Linda Vestal

Hi, I am Linda Vestal the administrator for Lewiston GAH. I have been a licensed administrator in the state of Idaho since 1997. I have worked for Guardian Angel Homes since August 2003. The first time I toured the Lewiston facility I knew it was the dream job of a lifetime. It is the perfect place for me to serve the elderly with dementia. Marty the owner told me to run the facility as if it were my own. Finally, I had a place to make a true difference in the care of the dementia residents. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s. Her name was Margie and she was the greatest grandma anyone could ever have. She is the reason I do this job. Grandma lived with my aunt for several years until we could not take care of her anymore .I visited her every Wednesday at the nursing home until she died. The nursing home was nothing like living at home. I wish she was still alive to be able to live at Guardian Angel Homes. The residents who live with me are allowed to be who they are for as long as they can. When you live with us you are treated as if we are caring for you in your own home. Because once you move in, this is your home. The residents have a beautiful home to live in surrounded by care staff, nurses, cooks, maintenance, office staff, and housekeeping that all truly care.